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Physical conditioning: 

• Arms-Your arms and shoulders will be supremely tested as you raise and lower your shotgun thousands of times over an average 3 day hunt. We recommend using 10 to 15 lb. dumbbells and doing 5 to 6 sets of 20 reps per day to build up your biceps, triceps, and trapezius (shoulder muscles). 

• Hands – repetitive motion (pulling the trigger and gripping the shotgun forearm) will lead to extreme fatigue. We recommend using either a squeeze ball or handgrips to strengthen your hands leading up to your departure. 



• Baggage –Our lodges offer daily laundry services, packing light (2 to 3 changes of clothes), allows for a rolling carryon plus one shoulder bag and totally eliminates the possibility of a “lost” or delayed piece of luggage. 

• Guns – The Lodges possess extensive gun libraries with shotguns available to rent. If you should desire to bring your own gun, the Argentine authorities require gun registration in advance of arrival (through your outfitter) and a $75 USD charge per gun import tax upon arrival. The previously mentioned “lost bag” issue is also at work here. Unfortunately, the real issue is not in getting your gun out of the USA, it’s getting them back into the country upon your return. If you elect to travel with guns, you must, in advance of departure, have a completed US Customs Form 4457 in your possession. It is irrefutable proof of ownership prior to your trip. 

• Eye protection – shooting glasses are required. For overcast days, yellow lenses seem to be preferable. For bright, sunny days orange lenses seem to work best. 

• Hand protection – the best hand protection possible is a professional bird boy functioning as your loader. Shooting gloves are mandatory. 

• Hearing protection – earplugs or earmuffs required. 

• Shoulder protection – recoil reducing pads worn over your shirt or jacket or integrated into your shooting vest. PAST pads are standard. Slip-on buttpad – acts to increase length of stock on standard issued Benelli’s or Beretta’s, which are the guns for hire in the lodges. 

• Skin protection – hats, sunscreen, long sleeve shirts, and long pants. Lightweight raingear is also preferable. 

• Footwear – hiking type boots. 



• Please study your flights and make sure that you arrive on time to the airport. This is an overnight, international flight, so we suggest arriving 2 hours before your flight departs. 


• If your itinerary requires an airport transfer in Buenos Aires (EZE to AEP or vice-versa) we will coordinate this transfer 

• We encourage using only carry-on luggage because this almost eliminates lost baggage. There will be a laundry bag in each room. If you need your clothes cleaned, the lodge staff will launder your clothes for you when you place your items in the laundry bag. 

• When you arrive in Cordoba, Argentina you will first go through immigration, then on to the baggage claim area if you checked a bag. In the baggage claim area of the airport, a baggage handler will know you are with a hunting party and will usually assist the group in getting their luggage through customs and loaded onto the ground transportation. If baggage handlers are unavailable, please proceed through customs and your guides will be waiting for you as soon as you depart the concourse. They will be looking for you and will have your parties’ name. 

• Argentina is south of the equator, so the seasons are reversed. In other words, if it is summer here then it’s winter there and vice versa. Please check the weather in Cordoba, Argentina before you go. You can expect temperatures from April to September to have lows in the 40’s and highs in the mid 60’s. From October to March you can expect lows in the mid 60’s and highs in the upper 80’s to mid 90’s. Please pack accordingly. The dress for dinner is very casual with most wearing pants/jeans and a shirt, nothing fancy. 

• Wine and Beer is provided by the Lodge, however, if you prefer a particular type of liquor, you will need to buy it at the duty free shops or other airport along your route. 

• Remember you cannot run to the store and pick up anything you might need. If you need it, bring it. Also, pack a change of clothes in your carry on because we may go straight to the field the first day from the airport before going to the lodge depending on your schedule. 

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