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A member of our staff will meet the group and assist you through customs. If you bring guns you will be required to have all the shotguns checked by the Argentinean Army at the airport; this process will take about an hour.  


After clearing customs, you will transfer from Cordoba International Airport to the lodge, in our own vehicles. Depending on your flight schedule, you could arrive to the lodge for a quick lunch, and a half-day shooting in the afternoon. 

A typical day begins with a wake-up call at 7:00 a.m. followed by a full breakfast. You will depart for the shoot at 8:00 a.m. Wake-up calls and departure times may vary a little, depending on the time of year and where you will be hunting that day. Most drives to the Dove fields are 15-50 minutes from the lodge.


Once the group arrives at the selected field, each hunter will be issued a pick-up boy and a case of shells. You will also have a dove stool and your station will be stocked with sodas, beer and water to keep you refreshed. Depending on the hunter, most hunters can expect to shoot two or three cases of shells per day. Each each case has 500 shells


Most mornings will be very steady shooting over a harvested field or flyby shooting over hilly terrain.



Where the group goes for lunch depends on how far the drive is to the field, weather conditions, and how much everyone wants to shoot. Obviously, the more time spent in the field, the more doves you can shoot. Many days, you will enjoy lunch in the field.


A nearby shady area is set up for an Argentinean-style barbecue, and past visitors know that one thing the Argentinians can do is have a cookout. You will enjoy grilled steaks, sausages, pork, fresh salads, bread and desserts. Water, soft drinks, and excellent local beers and wines round out the meal.


If the group stays in the field, there are hammocks where hunters can lay down for a nap. On some days, you will return to the lodge for lunch and there will be time for a nap afterwards.



Depending on how the birds are flying, your afternoon shoot will be in the same field. 

However, if the birds are not coming in to feed, it is possible that the group will change locations. Some afternoons, you will shoot the doves going back to the roost. Again, shooting should be very good, with the birds are coming in flocks. Shooting lasts until late in the afternoon, generally between 5:30 to 6:00 p.m.



After the shoot, the group will drive back to the lodge where there will be time for a drink, massages, and a hot shower before dinner.


This is the itinerary followed on the full hunting days. According to your departure flight, you could have a last day in the hunt area, shoot all morning and return to the lodge for lunch. There is time to pack and rest up before we transfer you to the Cordoba International Airport.



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