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We are looking forward to hunting with you in Argentina. It is the best wing shooting in the world! This will be an experience of a lifetime for those who have not been, and a lot of fun for those who have been before. Depending on your shooting skills, you can shoot 1000 to 4000 or more dove per day.

Shooters International handles every aspect of your hunt from airfare, shotguns, shells, lodging, to food and everything to make your hunt an enjoyable experience. We can customize any of our trips to what the client wants to do. We like to cover as much as we can in the cost of the hunt, however there are some other fees that are required. 


• The cost of the 3 day hunt (2 half days and 2 full days of shooting) is $2195.00. (Does not include airfare.) We accept personal checks.
• A $500.00 deposit is required at the time of booking and you will be invoiced for the remaining portion of the hunt 90 days prior to leaving for Argentina.
• If you want to stay longer, additional days are $500 per day.
• There is a Hunting License Fee imposed by Argentina that is $65.00 per day per hunter.
• Guns (Benelli and Beretta) are available in 20 and 28 gauge. They are provided by the lodge and rental is $65.00 per day.
• Shells for 20 gauge are $12.75 per box. 28 gauge shells are available upon request.
• Bird Boy tips are a minimum of $50.00 per day. (You will pay these tips to your bird boy on the last day of the hunt in the field – cash only.)
• We encourage tipping the cooks and lodge staff $100.00 per man as they do a great job of making your trip more enjoyable. Also we recommend a $25.00 tip for the lodge hostess.
• Also we recommend a $100.00 tip for the field cook and staff. (Please give these tips at the end of the hunt when you settle your shell and gun rental bill – cash only.)
• Your gun rental, license, and shell fees will be collected at the end of the hunt by the lodge staff and they will accept check, cash, or credit cards.
• If your itinerary requires an airport transfer in Buenos Aires (EZE to AEP or vice-versa) we have a reputable and safe transfer service to accommodate your needs.

The transfer fees are as follows: (per person – one way – cash only please)
      1 pax – $150
      2 pax – $80
      3 pax – $75
   4-6 pax – $70

   7-9 pax – $65
 10-15 pax – $60


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